Travel Mobility Scooters

There are three types of mobility scooter to choose from, each with their own features and benefits. Travel mobility scooters are lightweight, compact scooters that can be dismantled for ease of storage and transportation. This type is ideal for anyone looking to take their scooter on holiday, whether home or abroad, or for days out and about. Pavement mobility scooters are great for short trips out, whether you’re going shopping or visiting friends. With a maximum speed of 4mph, a pavement mobility scooter will get you from A to B quickly and comfortably. 6-8 MPH scooters are sturdy, road-worthy scooters with a maximum speed between 6-8mph. Fitted with a large, more powerful battery, this type of scooter is great for longer distances or journeys on-road, keeping you safe and secure from beginning to end.

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