6 - 8 MPH Mobility Scooters

The answer to this question depends solely on what you require from your mobility scooter. Are you looking to purchase a lightweight scooter you can disassemble into separate sections and store in your car? Then a travel mobility scooter would be the right choice for you. A pavement mobility scooter may be a better choice if you’re looking for faster speed, increased comfort, and a wider travelling distance. A 6-8 MPH scooter would be the right purchase for you if you’re looking to travel long distances at a fast speed, and are looking to drive on-road. Superior comfort and safety are just some of the benefits of buying a 6-8 MPH scooter. Due to their size and weight, pavement and 6-8 MPH mobility scooters are ideal for anyone with the space, whether inside or outdoors, to store the scooter, while travel mobility scooters are compact and light enough to be broken down and packed away.